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Nearly half of our enrolled students receive grant assistance from Bowdoin and the College stands firm in its decision to eliminate student loans from financial aid packages.

Bowdoin College's "variety of equally high-quality academic programs," "the outdoorsy and welcoming culture of the campus," and beautiful scenery of hometown Brunswick, Maine, make admission "an easy sell." At this small liberal arts college, people "are endlessly friendly, engaged and welcoming." Students agree "when you step onto campus, you get a very palpable feeling that people here care about each other." Undergrads praise Bowdoin's programs in government, science and music, and note that the college's small class sizes "foster closer and more intimate relationships with peers and faculty." The rigorous academic environment is "balanced with a strong sense of community on campus, a passion for issues of social, environmental, and racial justice, and a love of Maine." Professors are "top-notch" educators, who are "are clearly some of the best in their respective fields" and "manage a classroom well." The personable faculty "are all very accessible outside of the classroom and implore students to take time to reach out," offering students opportunities for "academic improvement and personal growth." Students say they often have a "a very difficult course load," but professors are "happy to help [them] understand the difficult course material." Overall students are "highly impressed" with their academic experience and "implore" first-year students "to take time to reach out and make close connections" with faculty who will ensure everyone "[receives] the help they need to succeed in the classroom." Bowdoin students tell us "it's impossible to overemphasize the warmth of the student body." And they almost universally reject the stereotype that the student body is primarily "WASP, prep kids." Instead they describe the student body as "very spunky and diverse," politically liberal and friendly. One student might "be on Residential Life Staff as an RA..an economics major, LGBTQ leader, member of the hockey team, and work at the library simultaneously." While students are academically driven, "the atmosphere is hardly competitive," and people are more likely to be "competitive with [...] themselves." Overall, students are "highly motivated individuals who strive to learn about as many things as possible" and "keep themselves really busy with schoolwork, teams, clubs, and just hanging out." The rigorous course load means that "students spend a lot of time with their academic work." But Bowdoin is a "cohesive community" whose students benefit from a "plethora of extracurriculars" (120 student organizations) and "athletic participation is substantial." Many students dedicate their free time to the Outing Club "and community service activities around Brunswick." Bowdoin benefits from being "close to the beach and located adjacent to the cute, bustling town of Brunswick." Parties at college houses ("old fraternities that were taken over by the school") are popular among firstand second-year students as juniors and seniors tend to "go to house parties in campus apartments or [at] off-campus houses." The eight social houses are "sophomore residences and serve as a hub of social life on campus in a lot of ways—hosting fun but not scary-frat-y parties, bringing in speakers, and supporting a lot of events on campus." Popular Outing Club trips include "backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, camping, rafting, [and] surfing," and there is also skiing available at nearby Sugarloaf or Sunday River.

Here you'll get information regarding the college and information on their Football program like who to contact about recruitment, names of This is the Bowdoin College Football scholarship and program information page.

Here you'll get information regarding the college and information on their Football program like who to contact about recruitment, names of past alumni, what scholarship opportunities can be had and how to start the recruiting process.

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