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We will be in a single payer system and you will have to have an imbedded chip to be a member of this system and it is mandatory that you be a part of this system.

When I have a number of different pieces of data, I like to lay it all out in bit size pieces so the picture becomes clearer so I’m going to lay out the data and cut through the political circular logic and legal ease: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act authorized billion in stimulus funds for health care information technology.

Continuing a few lines down in this same section, section B subsection ii on still on page 1002, the “patient safety and outcomes data from multiple sources”, that is to be linked is clearly spelled out as electronic medical records.

It reads: “link data obtained under clause (i) with information in the registry”.

He quotes that part of the law and then goes on to say: “In “real world speak”, according to this report, this new law, when fully implemented, provides the framework for making the United States the first Nation in the World to require each and every one of its citizens to have implanted in them a radio-frequency identification microchip for the purpose of controlling who is, or isn’t, allowed medical care in their country”.

That is from a currently serving member of congress.

On Sunday March 21, 2010 the Senate Healthcare bill HR3200 was passed and signed into law the following Tuesday.

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