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To be Thai is to a great extent to be a Theravada Buddhist, and to be a Malay is to be a Muslim.* The USA, unlike Canada, Singapore, or the UK, does not have breakdowns of religious affiliation by ethnic group down to the level of sub-Asian ethnicities, so I don’t know how religious or irreligious South Asians are.

I assume that they’re less religious than Canadian or British South Asians, in large part because they’re a more advanced community in terms of education and economics vis-a-vis the mainstream in the USA (though to be fair it seems that the Punjabis of British Columbia and the Pakistanis of Britain are responsible for most of the social dysfunction of South Asians in those countries).

It is notable that the most Sinic Southeast Asian nation, Vietnam, is closest to the East Asian model, with no organized supernatural tradition being identified with the national consciousness.

Last December, self-identified atheist users were sent “12 Days of Atheist Matches” and current members can take an “atheist test” to find those with similar levels of nonbelief. Hemant Mehta, author of “I Sold My Soul on e Bay,” trumpeted the Harvard award to Ok Cupid, which he has used himself, on his Friendly Atheist blog.

The site’s “Darwin Test” looks to match those with similar attitudes about evolution (sample question: Are most people a) good? “For whatever reason, atheists flocked to that site in a way I’m not used to seeing anywhere else,” he said in an interview.

Three of the founders describe themselves as nonbelievers in their onsite profiles.

Krohn, the corporate technical officer, says if Ok Cupid has become a popular space for atheists and a beacon of humanist values, it’s a happy by-product.

“I think it is the best dating site out there, simply because they don’t go to great lengths to pretend that everyone fits the same mold,” he wrote on Friendly Atheist when the award was announced.