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Sorry to be a downer, but I do think it is worth noting that the relationship they had together was incredibly strong even when times were tough. I think the question worth asking yourself here is what you are OK with accepting as a relationship.I want to be clear that I am not trying to steer you in one direction or another ā€“ I am just inviting you to think about it because clarity on what you really want usually ends up solving the problem in the end.

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In fact, one couple comes to mind that had similar stats as you described, though they did not live far apart ā€“ probably only a 10 mile drive from one another.

They were honest with each other about where their heads were and what they were looking for.

Both of us have never been married and have no kids. We live about 50 miles away but decided that is no issue. He is always telling me how much he likes me, Iā€™m a sweetheart, how much fun he has with me, he feels so comfortable with me and how our sexual chemistry is just awesome.

He said he wants to take it slow and really get to know me and- much to my dismay- he has gone on dates with other women.

One month in, I asked him what he thought about being exclusive.

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